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One who either enjoys or enjoys giving a friend or lover a good tickle upon the nipple.
Alyssa sure enjoys Sam, an arousing nipple tickler.
by Samantha Molock May 01, 2008
15 1
One who likes to tickle nipples. This can also be used to call someone a clown, jokster, goof, crazy, etc.. Some people you can just tell by their appearance that they are nippleticklers. Others it takes a little more research to discover this.
"Dude did you just see that chick? she was freakin hott."

"ha yeah, whatever you little nippletickler."
by Lukefrizzle November 16, 2011
2 1
Bending your thumb down to the smooth part on the inside of your forearm... at the top.
Join the Nipple Tickler Army on YouTube.
by Shamalama Fingfong December 12, 2008
2 3