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One who either enjoys or enjoys giving a friend or lover a good tickle upon the nipple.
Alyssa sure enjoys Sam, an arousing nipple tickler.
by Samantha Molock May 01, 2008
One who likes to tickle nipples. This can also be used to call someone a clown, jokster, goof, crazy, etc.. Some people you can just tell by their appearance that they are nippleticklers. Others it takes a little more research to discover this.
"Dude did you just see that chick? she was freakin hott."

"ha yeah, whatever you little nippletickler."
by Lukefrizzle November 16, 2011
Bending your thumb down to the smooth part on the inside of your forearm... at the top.
Join the Nipple Tickler Army on YouTube.
by Shamalama Fingfong December 12, 2008