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nipple fish are fish that attack nipples.
"Ouch! These nipple fish are fierce in the Carribbean!"
by MLN February 09, 2012
(Pygocentrus Nippleri) The Pink Bellied Piranha, a.k.a. the Nipple Fish, is native to the Amazon River and remote regions of the southern tip of the continent of South America as well as Southern Central America.

The Nipple Fish is known as the nipple fish for two reasons, namely for attacking and latching onto the nipples of nearby mammals that enter the water and for the pink "nipple-esque" color of their underbellies.
"Those Nipple Fish are some nasty little fuckers. They'll latch on and wont let go unless you kill them."

"Tom was drowned by a group of Nipple Fish. Be careful, if you see a piranha, you better hope its a red bellied piranha. They'll just kill you.
Pink bellies- now they'll take you down slow. Starting with the nipples."
by phileeope January 01, 2014
A banging tune by the Coffee Boys.
Some punk was about to give me hassle at the club, then Nipple Fish came on and we just all got up and danced.
by thegfb October 19, 2013
1: A fish with nipples.

2: An extremely ugly woman

3: An extremely horrible form of sex
1: "Man, that fish I lost had nipples! It was a nipplefish!

2: "Whew, that woman is a nipplefish!"

3: "Well, I just got done nipplefishing her..."
by Fatiguely October 17, 2007
When a person uses fish to have awkward sex with a person
Dude!! my girl freind gave me a nipplefish last night. my dick still smells bad.
by Christoperfish October 09, 2007
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