1. Hungry. Usually slightly hungry or simply wishing to give the impression of being slightly hungry. Derived from nip as in a small bite.

2. A little cold. The feeling of being cold but usually just a small amount mostly from a breeze and a lack of a jacket or coat. Thus not usually used to describe wearing multiple layers and still being a little cold. Derived from nippy.
1. I'm a little nippish, do you want to get some lunch? If not I'll be fine until dinner.

2. I'm kind of nippish, can I borrow your coat?
by John Tomblin July 24, 2007
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A derivation of the derogatory term, "nip", to describe Japanese; originally coined by Americans of European descent. Now a term casually thrown around amongst Asians only who wish to disempower any attempted insults, as blacks did with 'nigga'
That boy ain't no rookie b-boy; he's straight nip-pish!
by ice_man July 20, 2003

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