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When a girl is horny, or cold, her nipples will get hard. When you can see hard nipples under a shirt, this is called nippin.
"Dayum! That foin bitch fuckin nippin dawg!"
by djBOGUE May 07, 2003
when somebody's nipples are hard.
"are you cold" "no" "then why you nippin'?"
by michelle* December 29, 2002
When your nipples get hard and/or show through your shirt.
"Why are you nippin' so much, girl?" "It's cold in here! Plus I've nipped my whole life!"
by JUL!4G3T$CRUNK! May 30, 2008
When a girls nipple become erect a point out through their shirt for all to see.
Scum: "Yo did you see mrs.mcdonnell nippin today?"

Flie: "No what do you mean?"

Nose Picker: "Her point nipples are poking through her shirt."

Birds Nest" "Yea shes always nippin, she needs a bra."
by Block4Spanish December 09, 2010
When you don't want to say cool but, mean it and want to seem like you want to sound like you have a cool vocabulary.
Dude, that party was nippin.
by Nips'a'hoy April 13, 2014
When a male and female friend rub their nipples together
Tits McGee and ash hole were nippin
by Blanky23 November 10, 2013
the act of napping/sleeping
John: History was so boring..
Alex: Yeah, I def nipped the whole hour.

Ron: Why didn't you come to Jake's party?
Kevin: I had to work this I nipped all night.

Paul: Ahh man what were you two doing in that bedroom?!
Luther: We were just nippin, I swear!
by tonkatool July 10, 2008
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