a no regret entry into a cold lake
connor took a veritable nip dip in an alberta lake in may
by Kirsten Reich May 19, 2008
Top Definition
When a girl dips her nipple into some sort of dipping sauce, and have a male (or female) lick it off.
"Hey, Charlotte lets go nip dip in some ketchup, and have steve and joe lick it off!"
by Adam and Lenny September 03, 2006
A flavored dip used on the nipples during sex which enhances sexual pleasure.
My favorite nipdip is chocolate.
by John kizdiz February 19, 2008
As you approach orgasm during sex, you pull out and drop your load on your girls chest.
Hey man bring some chips, because soon i'll be making some Nip Dip.
by Rbomb04 April 02, 2015
When a girl bends over without a bra and you are able to see her nipple.
"Man did you see Jenny I saw full nip dip."

"For real you are a lucky man."
by emosdid911 July 20, 2015
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