another word for Donatello or Micheal Angello or possibly Rafeal...hmmm ya maybs Leonardo.
"Splintor thr rat said "hey ninja turtles! thats pretty ninjor!"
by BB December 21, 2004
Top Definition
The plural of ninjor.

Like the plural of ninja is ninja, the plural of ninjor is ninjor.
alterego totally skooled me like a pack of ninjor.
by alterego September 26, 2003
1. The name for someone who has mad ninja skills
2. Nickname for someone who is in martial arts
"DAMN man that guy must be some kind of ninjor"

"werd up ninjor, did you enjoy kicking everyone's ass with your ninja skills?"
by 6 gig February 17, 2003
One of the greatest artists ever.
Ninjor will pwn all with his art skillz.
by Haiasi July 19, 2004
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