(1) adj. Hybrid of Ninja and Fantastic. Describes one who is fantastic and a ninja at the same time. (2) v. the display of certain skills or abilities which are esentially 'ninja' in every way imaginable (i.e. possessing high skill-level abilities that border on super-natural, being super sneaky, omnipresent, smarter than Alabamians, perfecting the superpunch, agility, stealth, cat-like reflexes, etc.) Commonly used to describe Lu and her unmatched ninja skills; when performing an extreme act of ninja greatness AmyLu has been known to describe her mood as NINJASTIC.
Lori: OMG, WTF! did you see how awesome and sexy it was when Amy released the Ninja Cat on Joe that night?


Joe: Josh man, did you hear about Amy spraying Chanel in my beer for months?

Josh: No I was busy being an asshat, but that sounds pretty Ninjastic of her...

Lori: Hey Amy, you seem like you're in a ninjarific mood as usual, you must have done something really awesome and ninja today?

Amy: Yeah, it's not my fault I'm awesome, so I'm just feeling pretty Ninjastic...
by L0o August 19, 2009
Top Definition
Ninja and fantastic put into one. Being as fantastic as a ninja.
Behold my kunai! I am ninjastic!
by YumeChan February 21, 2004
using acts or carrying out a lifestyle that someone may say is "ninja" (being super sneaky, cat like reflexes,etc.) this term can be associated with everything ryan weiskopf does and says.
JOE-hey man, today i was thrown into oncoming traffic, but i dodged every single car.
JERRY-dude. thats pretty ninjastic.
JOE-i KNOW, right?
JERRY-wanna go watch date my mom?
by ryan w.e.i.s.k.o.p.f. February 27, 2009
The verb for being ninja like. Usually used to describe someone who is amazing at stealth and/or uses obnoxious ninja sound effects in their day to day activities, but makes it seem natural.
Sarah: Omigosh, did you see Tom today during Ultimate Frisbee? That guy's freaking amazing!

Katie: -nods- He's so ninjastic!


Ashley: -pulls out a pencil- Shing! -starts to draw- Whoosh, whoosh whoosh...

Travis: Ashley's so ninjastic when she's drawing...
by Brittyn May 14, 2009
An oxymoron using ninja and fantastic seeing as how ninjas actually equal teh sux
man ninjas do certainly suck a whole lot... i cant believe some one actually came up with the word ninjastic
by not_michael October 12, 2004
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