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ninja unicorns are rare.
strong yet compassionate.
funny and unique
they like art and music.
they make total dorks of themselves.
and are also partially bear.
only 2 in the world exist.
have the agility of a ninja
and are believed to be myths like unicorns
hey you know that one art teacher yeah hes a total ninja unicorn.

get the f*ck outta here your nothing near a ninja unicorn.

damn xXadrianXx wishes he was a ninja unicorn
by nooooodle.! January 18, 2009
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When a guy wears a strap on around his head and runs toward his chick from across the room. He then jumps at hear with the strap on heading toward her nether region.
Dale was trying to Ninja Unicorn some chick last night and we saw her run and scream from his boat.
by NWFHA July 23, 2009
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