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crotch cleavage, esp. on a woman. The outer lips of female genitalia visible through tight clothing.
Oh man, I know you saw that honey in the bathing suit with the ninja foot.
by Your Mother's Lover October 06, 2002
The effect produced by a woman's tight clothes conforming to the shape of her vulva. Often seen in bathing suits, or other spandex-like form fitting clothing. Named for the phenomenon's visual resemblance to the stockinged foot of a ninja wearing sandals.

See also: camel toe
by Ninja Bob June 20, 2003
Camel Toe on an Asian Female.
Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa had a serious case of Ninja Foot on the episode of Family Guy last night.
by Mah Frend Audrah! May 26, 2009
Refered to a woman´s vagina seen through her pants.
That hos gotta big-ass ninja-foot
by Al Bravo May 19, 2006
the foot that catches or otherwise breaks the fall of something fragile from a high enough distance up a to break it. Cabinets, countertops, refridgerators, etc.
Person 1: Oh no your wine glass is falling!

Person 2: Quick use your ninja foot!

Person 1: Ok

Person 2: way to go man but you were buyin it if you broke it
by SilkyJay March 13, 2011