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when you are fed up with a situation whilst making tea & biscuits, you grab the weapon of your choice, in this case biscuit, any kind will do. Then throw it, shout NINJA BISCUITTTTT! and run under a table.

only do it when other people are in the room though,
otherwise. you just fail.
*Mathew spills tea*
Mathew: FUUUUUUUUU. NINJA BISCUIT *throws biscuit*
His mum: well that was amusing, time for your breastfeed I think
by piginaaa September 04, 2009
When you fart in your hand and throw it in someone elses face. This was done in the movie Orgasmo.
A-cup: Merry Christmas (ninja biscuits Joe).
Joe: Ahroghorhoh
by razer6890 June 13, 2007