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A black person wearing stilts.
I was at carnival, and there were all these nilts dancing around.
by niltified July 14, 2006
a tangle in the pubic hair that is extremely painful
"There's a nilt on your winkle!"
by samsam123qwe January 08, 2012
Finished or depreciated; done.

Newark, NJ slang that is always used in a negative manner. It is a strong word, used to emphasize the gravity of the situation as much as possible. Most likely derived from the word nil, which means zero or nothing.
Yo your barber did you dirty bruh, your hairline NILT!

Damn son, my phone battery nilt. You gotta GPS it.
by Dpiiiius December 31, 2013
non intentional lighter theft
gosh darn it, that dude nilted my lighter.
by slayerdave July 03, 2003
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