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Nikonian is a term for photographers who have come to appreciate the Nikon camera system for is ruggedness and quality. Nikon and Canon, as of 2005, dominate the North American digital SLR market with 80% of all DSLRs sold. This high level of competitiveness has lead to much name-bashing from both sides but neither company would be what it is today without the heel-nipping competition provided by the other.

The Nikonian Website offers a portal for advise on Nikon camera products and Nikkor lenses and general photography discussions.

Off its Website
"We are a friendly user community and the worldwide home for Nikon photographers, no matter your level of expertise, where you are from or when you log in.
With a vast membership from over 130 countries and more than 40,000 visitors daily, we have a rich knowledge base for both digital and analog photographers and imaging professionals."

After shooting on three different camera systems for a number of years I became a Nikonian after realising that the camera company with the best marketing strategy does not necessarily make the best products. Nikon blows at marketing.

P.S. Nikon made Canon's first lens and Canon won't put that in its official history. (when Nikon was Nikkor and Canon was Kwanon)
by Conrad Barrington September 24, 2005
A noob who shoots photographs with a camera made in Thailand.
Ken Rockwell is a obvious nikonian...
by Obvious Pseudonym March 24, 2010
A person who photographs with a Nikon camera, and is convinced it's tha bomb. In reality, Nikon has been really slipping in optical performance since the mid 1970s. Today, even Canon and Olympus Zuiko are pulling well ahead in technical specifications.

Plus, the results are usually pretty bland.
only a nikonian would be convinced that a $150 lens is "top of the line"
by zoey April 25, 2004
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