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An ignornant negro, or an ignorant person in general. Most commonly associated with porch monkeys and nigeraces, but applicable to all races.
Nignoramous you clearly have no idea what the f*** youre talkin about! The smurfs are f***in mammals, man. S***, Papa Smurf has a motherf***in beard, you nignerant motherf***er! You keep talkin your motherf***in bulls*** and I'll motherf***in come back there and backhand yo' bitch-ass so motherf***in hard that yo' granchild's grandchildren is gonna share the same motherf***in handprint. Don't think i wont do it, just because i'm drivin and drinkin' this hennessy that i wont come back there motherf***er.
by paco el magnifico August 12, 2007
a word for people of the brown colored race
That guy is a Nignoramous
by Timothii April 04, 2008