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1. A person, thirty five or older, who behaves as if their in their teens or twenties, such as by watching shows like "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" and "Real World": One conducts himself as if their still in their teens or twenties and needs to grow up and act their age

1. An arrogant cunt who thinks he's an artist but isn't even close: one with the misconception that their art is amazing, when in reality it's shit: a nightscream often tries to show off by posting their art and drawings in a public forum for everyone to see (which gives off an arrogant, obnoxious impression on others), but ends up making a fool out of himself as their art is shit in reality

When I saw this thirty-six year old bickering over petty nonsense like the starting date of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, I could tell he was a pathetic nightscream.

Devon is nearing forty and does nothing but play video games. What a nightscream!

When I found Rowan's artwork all over my refridgerator, I told him to quit being a nightscream and learn how to draw.

I wonder what kind of neaurotic nightscreams did the artwork at museums of a bunch of scribbles and lines all over the place.

My art teacher is nothing but a nightscream and really should be fired from her job. The lips on all her human portraits are exaggerated and the stomach muscles look stupid and exaggerated too
by BicMacDad18 April 03, 2008
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