The act of shooting someone from a far distance without anyone noticing.
I was nighthawking in Counter-Strike when someone walked up be hind me and shived me in the skull.
by HisKid March 10, 2005
Top Definition
The act of two men meeting up, having a vicious fight - then giving each other one up the plopper.
Jack was covered in bruises and walking like John Wayne... He'd been nighthawking again.
by drofhsab July 19, 2004
During a case race, the act of bringing beers into the bathroom in order to pour them out in secrecy.
"Hey wait a minute, how did those guys win the case race so fast?"
"Steve was in the bathroom for half the race, probably was nighthawking."
"Typical Steve! What a scumbag!"
by slipperyrock69 May 22, 2015
when a white guy dates a white woman that has black or mixed kids he is said to be night hawking or bring her back from the darkside some people may also call this reverse muddsharking
when a white man only dates a woman that has mixed or black children he would be a night hawk and if he does more then one at a time he would be night hawking
by killercoy July 06, 2012
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