A dirty bastard that hangs out in truck stop restrooms, waiting for young boys to innocently wander in, or perhaps even for infants to be abandoned, so that he may do horrendous sexual acts to them, and then scuttle off into the night to weep openly about nothing in particular. Just a sad, filthy troll that must remain nocturnal, so as to better avoid an enraged general public, who would certainly play jump-rope with his intestines, were he to be captured. Nighthawks are also fond of maintaining a fragile self-importance through the enjoyment of silly mmorg's (massively multiplayer online roleplaying games), that no one with a real set of balls would bother to take seriously.
Dude, I know this guy who's a total nighthawk! Yeah, he spends his nights in bathroom stalls at the local Flying J truck stop, lapping at the choads of young boys who wander in to tinkle. This one poor kid's dad almost caught the guy, but the nighthawk was crying so loud, it burst the dad's eardrums, and the nighthawk escaped into a maze of dumpsters, out back of the place. Oh, he also runs a "football" team on some goofy mmorg game. Yeah, he talks shit like it's somehow redeeming next to the fact that he's a filthy letch, who should be the victim of diaherea bukakke. Goddamn nighthawks are sad bastards, man.
by Torgo777 December 31, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who has a natural affinity with night. Insomniac, late night lover who burns the candle at both ends.
That bloke never sleeps, always creeping around at night. Definetely a surefire nighthawk.
by Harry Rass May 23, 2006
a nickname given to people that stays up on the internet till early hours of the morning.
Daniel: Damn I can't sleep, I'll go on facebook and see if night hawk is on, chat to her for a bit.
by noob1234543 August 14, 2012
A model of Honda motorcycle that is highly dependable.
My friends '90 Nighthawk runs like a watch.
by tradesman June 24, 2003
A person who stays up all night, and sleeps during the day.
Emily is such a Nighthawk she stayed up all night making cd's for her batmobile.
by matt797 December 21, 2009
The name given to someone who is having a good night when a lot of other people aren't.
I had a great night last night being a Night Hawk. For some reason no one else was enjoying them selves.
by White Ghost and Red River October 11, 2011
1. A person who enjoys going to random parties in the middle of the night to hook up with some random drunk girl and then leaves right after the hook up without giving your name or number.

2. A person who gets super high at night and goes to buy fast food.
is that guy a nighthawk?

i have no idea who that guy is, but he's hooking up with that kids girlfriend.
by Mr_Artard July 08, 2009
Someone who does work for you while you're asleep, usually on the other side of the world.
Hell, no, I'm not pulling an all-nighter! I've got an army of nighthawks in Bangalore to do that shit.
by Richard Gurley January 23, 2008
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