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anyone who has ever taken any mind altering/intoxicating substances will have no doubt attempted a night mission.
it takes place at night (strangely) usually on the way back from the pub. it covers a broad range of activitys but the one commen attribute all night missions share is they are anti-social. you may well get an ASBO for a good night mission.
remember - the more cheeky the better and use maximum stealth at all times
a night mission:
1 - jumping into peoples gardens, removing all garden furniture and setting it up in the miiddle of the street.
2 - stealing the freshly delivered milk
3 - deploying a full english breakfast
4 - graffiti of any description
5 - smashing something up
6 - bush jumping
7 - gaining acess to a restricted area. i.e the roof of your school.
by evil bob September 01, 2006