A little black kid between the ages of 3 to 11.
Yo man dat nigglet's mah boy don't be givin him dat shit yet!
by shadda May 10, 2008
A ground type Pokemon that lives often in dense jungles (particularly in the higher elevated areas of these jungles)and typically can be found doing a primitive ceremonial war-cry known as "Nigging" which is the repetition of the first syllable in their name. The leaders of the ceremony attempt to make their fellow Nigglet's understand basic concepts of the world around them, such as finding a occupation.

Most Nigglet's find it difficult to gather or hunt for their diet, which consists of fruits such as grapes and watermelon as well as meat such as fried-chicken, because they lack motivation.

Some Nigglets will live long enough to evolve into Nugtrio's, which also use a form of Nigging known as "Nugging". Nugging often causes groups of Nugtrio's to form intentional land slides on nearby villages of the Nigger people. This landslide was originally thought to be Macho man Randy-Savage, the god of "OH-YEAing", exacting due tributes of human souls to his domain, but this myth has long been busted.

Nigglet's, as well as Nugtrio's, often resort to stealing from humans. In a famous theft conducted by a group of Nigglet's, Three individuals were reported to have lost their weapons which they were to use for the cause of good. The last words to the thieves by the three individuals were as follows: "You have my sword." "And my bow." "And my ax."
A example of the dangers of Nigglet's can often be found in the animated series of Pokemon.
by SALTED PORK? August 15, 2011
is the description of a niggers young child
look at that dirty nigglet
by kookie the nut March 05, 2009
A new, edgy brand of chewing gum that tastes like fried chicken washed down by a large cup of grape kool-aid.
Cashier: Can I get you anything else?

Customer: Yeah, may I please have 2 packs of Nigglets? My kids just love their gum!
by Hazel11 November 01, 2010
a small nigger/annoying black person.
5 year olds on xbox live that think they're black are such nigglets.
by treflip4life July 17, 2010
A baby black person, usually at the ages from birth to 5 months...
Man, yesterday I saw a black, teenage mom and her cute little nigglet at the park...
by HJxJJ October 08, 2011
A bunch of nigglets been hanging around that corner, it's makin me nervous Cooter.
by dingosaur December 17, 2011

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