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Greeting typically exclaimed by one American negro to another. Generally thought to have originated in the American south and used by the comedian Cedric the entertainer on the movie Barbershop.
"Niggerup!? Whacha been doin wif yo bad self?"
by Ralphie joe February 05, 2007
8 4
To increase the shine of a person, place, or thing by engaging it in acts of niggerdom.
"Man, when Pablo hit that dance floor, the party went crazy! That pimp really knows how to nigger it up."

"Come on man, if your car sucks that bad, we can always put some chrome and a spoiler on it and show people that you can still nigger up."
by Rossy Da Bossy June 14, 2008
69 19
To perform live a traditional song (i.e. National Anthem) disregarding tradition and the history in which said song was written (See: "Carl Lewis" 1-21-93, or Marvin Gaye: 2-13-9-83). The Lewis version is a classic "can't sing at all" version while Gaye's 83' version is clearly "niggered up." Francis Scott Key's original version was not intended to be a personal showcase or an example of hip-hop.
Dammit! I hate it when the National Anthem takes 15 minutes to sing!! If they didn't Nigger up that song it would have been done 13 minutes ago!!
by damurph March 01, 2007
22 12
To gang up; as if to fight unfairly. When a group of people maliciously fight another with the advantage of more people.
Can refer to either gender and any race.
Just because she called you a whore doesn't mean you had the right to nigger-up on her with your trashy friends and beat the hell out of her.
by Caroleame October 26, 2012
2 2
To convey in word and demeanor, a resolute assertiveness concerning a principle, belief, conviction. or position-so as to inform the hearer that"I'm as mad as hell--and am not taking anymore of this shit!!
It's time for President Obama to "Nigger- Up" on all those people who just want to get the Black Guy out the White House!
by Wholetruf January 20, 2012
0 1