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When a white guy/girl starts to talk like a black person, generally coupled with phrases and ridiculous ideas.
Dan was talking just fine, then his niggertrigger went off and everything went crazy.
by xtheking September 26, 2010
11 2
A special button on a Polaroid camera used for company ID photos that you push when you take a picture of a dark person so that the lens will adjust and will enable a clear image.
Make sure you push the nigger trigger when you take the picture of a brother, otherwise the picture will be ruined.
by TIMJB1 September 20, 2006
268 56
The button that triggers an alarm on a bus or taxicab when the driver is in fear of being robbed or assaulted, the alarm notifies the police that the driver is in distress.
I don't think the bus driver likes the looks of us, LeRoy, I'll betcha he presses the nigger trigger!
by Warnhubb December 07, 2006
220 43
A trigger on a gun that is adjusted so far so that it would go off with barely any trigger presure. Making the weapon highly dangerous and more likely to go off by accident and shoot or kill someone
Chad: Did you hear about the guy that got shot last night?
Hank: Yea it was an accident. The guy had a nigger trigger on his gun
by Dax J. May 23, 2009
38 4
when a black man is about to cum in a chicks ass he takes it out and another guy or girl gives it one last jerk and he cums all over her ass.
yo john that was the best nigger trigger of my life

i took it out of jillians ass and emilly gave me a nigg trigg
by Bubble-Butt96-69696 August 01, 2008
20 54