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Having money in your wallet and seeming wealthy only on payday. Most times you blow your money on Colt .45 and niggerports instead of paying the electric bill. You live in the fantasy world that you are rich-- but tomorrow you won't be.
Man, I just got paid-- lets go to da club fo I be niggerrich today!
by Jay Bo July 17, 2006
106 20
Deeply in debt but ostentatious.
How can he afford that boat?
He can't. He's nigger rich.
by Techman March 02, 2004
1892 315
Spending your money unwisely on things you dont need that wont last you that long
That kid has every pair of jordans, wows hes really nigger rich
by John April 27, 2005
1433 360
showing up to school in a louis vuitton backpack and baby phat coat and going home to a shack in detroit.
Plenty of Girls in Detroit.
LaShawnda, Monique, Chantel... you know em. Nigger rich!

Or applying for food stamps in a mink coat.
by an angry white person December 02, 2005
1192 290
Means spending all the money you have as fast as possible just because you have it. say, if you won the lottery and you went out and just bought anything and everything and didnt need any of it, but bought it just because you "could".
He got his paycheck and blew all the money within 2 hours, he was nigger rich.
by Burner June 19, 2004
1053 299
adj. - someone who spends all of their current monies on goods and/or services, with no thought of future income -
DeMontrell just got a new dodge neon but he can't afford to put gas in it. DeMontrell is nigger rich.
by Tru-damie August 22, 2006
577 167
(adj.) a derogatory term used to refer to a selfishly extravagant person who has no prospects of ever paying off the debts they incur. (Esp. someone whose sole purchasing power comes from disreputable credit cards or drugs.)
Q: Where the hell did he get those rims? He works at f***ing McDonalds!
A: He copped some credit cards and now he's nigger rich.
by Chagrin94 August 15, 2005
622 239
(adj.) Giving the appearance of wealth through purchase and use of flashy items such as expensive cars, jewelry, clothes, or other trendy items, without having much money (ie, every expensive item is financed.) The items purchased are "the real thing" but the individual buying them lacks the sufficient income/net worth to truly comfortably afford the items. The individual is usually tapped out financially but due to the items purchased, appears to the general public be wealthy.
Man #1: "I guess Jerome is doing well. He's got the new Ferrari, Rolex, and Aramani suit."

Man #2: "Nah, he's just nigger rich - about to file for BK."
by Kinney Shoe Sto' December 11, 2006
440 102