a car that has been 'pimped' out with chrome rims(usually spinners, too)and has marijuana or cocain hidden inside the glove box along with an old banana peel and a screw driver. There is usually "skeet" stains in the back seat, so if a black personn asks you if you need a ride, either decline or if you are that desperate, request to sit in the front seat, or you will get aids.
Hey man, look at that niggermobile rollin' outta Harlem!
by Redneck Woman66613 February 12, 2006
Top Definition
Any low quality, rust challenged, Caddy or Lincoln with carpeted dash and whitewalls. Typical driver exhibits the the following; 2 or more priors, outstanding warrant, no insurance, no valid driver's license, illegal substances in the glove box, between jobs, responsible for one or more illegitimate children, currently not paying child support.
S'up dawg, peep JJ's phat niggermobile.
by kgbjeb March 09, 2006
The car used when black people are hungover/drunk. Usually you see them with a gun, or with a knife. Theres usually about 5 to 6 black people in the car at one time. The only word cops usually hear out of them is nigga and niggaz.
J'lil) "what the hell happened to my niggermobile!"

Bobisha) "Oh nothin me and the nigs just took it for a "wild" ride last night"

J'lil) "Oh thats fine well just go steal another one tomorrow."
by Sha-Nay-Nay Obama January 29, 2010
A car owned by a trashy nigger.
Generally an older car worth less than a thousand dollars with ten thousand dollar rims and tires and a five thousand dollar stereo.
The body is usually wrecked from nigger bitches driving it while splibbing on their cell phones.
Sometimes referred to as a pimp mobile, clown car, ho transport, ghetto cruiser, crack cruiser, shit box, ghetto phone booth, afro sheen machine or a jerry curl junker.
Any full sized 4 door car can become a nigger mobile.
by jsd96321 January 30, 2012
Car that has more money in the wheels than the rest of it and rattles itself apart from the c-rap that is always blaring from it.

Car that's loaded with wannabe gang-banging fools.
You see that nigger-mobile?

Which one, this place is infested?

The one that's loosing parts going down the road...
by white fight April 17, 2009
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