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the act of wrapping your lips around a pipe, bong, cigerette etc etc, and gettin you'r drool and nasty crap all up on it...
yo anthony!! quit niggerlippin' that shiiiii.... dammit foo'!! i don't want you'r woman's kootch all on my piece!
by roxanne February 02, 2005
62 17
When you leave saliva on something being smokes, cigerette, weed, even a crack pipe.
Stop nigger lippin the joint.
by Reggie Noble May 30, 2006
95 12
When you get the end of a cigarette, joint, etc., wet with your spit...
"Aww shit man, why do you always niggerlip it?!?"
by myownrevolution February 06, 2005
40 10
to put entire mouth over something thats not nessecery instead of just gently putting the mouth on it.
"kimber, stop nigger-lippin my coke bottle."
by timsterpimpster August 01, 2008
10 0