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1. Noun. A person who knocks on your door and runs and hides before you answer.
2. Titties on a black woman. Synonomous with niggertitties
1. I swear I heard someone knocking but no one was there. Must have been one of them niggerknockers.
2. Look at the niggerknckers on that black chick!
by hanksbeer August 20, 2008
12 7
The full size Mag-Lites that cops carry.
shit bubba, I had to use my nigger knocker to keep one of them monkeys from swingin from the trees in Harlem...
by Bridgewater College May 09, 2005
449 81
A hammer, tire iron, baseball bat, or other instrument used to bonk coons on the head.

Compare to honkie bonker and whitey whacker.
I carry a nigger knocker under the seat of my truck.
by Bumkicker Slade April 24, 2005
354 94
A blunt object usually with nails and/or staples protruding from the surface used only to defend a white alpha-male against an angry herd of nigga's also a good coon catcher.
Yo, i just beat the fuck out of a nigger with my nigger knocker.
by Chris McComb February 27, 2006
295 144
west coast police slang for a nightstick.
Man, Pleasant Hill PD is gettin issued with cocobolo nigger knockers!
by Wickadelic April 28, 2006
147 34
a 9 iron used to throw a beating.
"Yo....gimme my nigger knocker under the front seat...
I see the rev. al S. coming."
by mavros April 08, 2006
119 34
A wooden base ball bat that is very heavy and has the words "nigger knocker" and rebel flag carved into it.
"Hey, did you hear about Phil? He beat some man with his nigger knocker after the man tried to break in his home."
by Johnny Boy INC! June 10, 2007
65 31
A 9 iron!!! Used for knocking a "nigger"(does not mean a black person)even more senseless than they already are!
one night while driving through Brooklyn, I saw a Nigger pissing on a church. I went in my trunk and got out my "Niggerknocker" and cracked the Reverand Al upside his gourd.
by mavros March 29, 2006
47 26