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a delicious watermelon and fried chicken flavored licorice that is a staple of black people, and white welfare recipients alike.
Fuck Omar, im so hungry right now. Have a peice of my niggerice. Itll hold you over til that bitch Sharice drops off your kids.
by nonracisthokie2012 March 25, 2009
6 19
Another term for black ice; ice that a lot of people don't like.
1. Yo, on my way here i slipped on that fuckin nigger ice.

2. My whole street is covered in nigger ice.
by Lyndie February 11, 2006
93 57
(n) The black licorice that no body likes
Guy 1: dude did you get the red-vines??

Guy 2: nah man, all they had was Niggerice.
by FFkonker June 03, 2009
29 11