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-n, 1. a white girl who is not good enough for white boys, and turns to the black boys who have low self esteem or just want blow jobs; 2. A white girl who is used by black boys for blow jobs; 3. A white gold-digger who digs on black men
1. When she decided to turn niggerdigger she ended up with Tyrone's ole' ugly ass. 2. He said he gonna get some head from that niggerdigger, Katie cuz she's a bobblehead. 3. Tiger Wood's niggerdigger is uglier than a mother fucker, dawg!
by Gabrielle Jones November 22, 2005
86 27
1. A white woman who generally dates niggers. All attempts are made to publicize this so that she is outcast from the white community and classified at tainted material. All hopes of settling down with a white husband are thwarted by the community, thus proving the notion that "once you go black, you can never go back". If by some chance, the woman settles down with a white man, that man will be promptly notified by mail or mouth by a member or the community so that he may divorce her as fast as possible. He will not be shunned by the community if he did not know, unless he refuses. If there are children, they would not be shunned if they stay with the father.

2. Niggers carry the mark of Cain and anyone who cavorts with them knowingly has the mark transferred to them.
Larry learned that his wife is a nigger digger, so now he is divorcing her. Shame he didnt have a pre-nub. He will try to get the children for their own they do not have to carry the mark of cain.
by shdwsclan May 22, 2009
252 73
a woman who is either currently having a romantic liason with a black man of low to mid social status, or considering it quietly.

see also: blonde
That rich blonde in the new Volvo is a Digger of crazy black Niggers.
by major_delmac March 31, 2005
214 77
a niggerdigger is a white girl that is in love with black guys.
katie, your such a niggerdigger!
by katiedaniels November 19, 2005
66 29
Usually a white person that "digs" niggers.

A white man that wants to be black because he likes nigger music.

A white person thats dating or married to a black
Jeez that nigger digger aint gonna want to suck your white dick so dont even bother

by roger nigger digger March 12, 2008
50 39
A person who loves niggers
Cameron Johnston

Cameron Johnston: "Man i sure do love niggers"

Noah Hany: "Me too and im a pedo"

Sam: "You two nigger diggers get the fuck out"
by Noodles_Prick August 03, 2011
14 6
White chick that loves the black man, primarily for the size of their enormous penis. White men are confused and angered by the nigger digger, especially if they are very nice looking. Can also be pronounced as Nigga Digga
Damn that girl is fine, too bad she's dating Tyrone. Damn nigger digger.
by Steve S. November 16, 2004
139 154