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nigger-chicken : Black chicken
MMMM moms Ima go cook me up sum OG black chikn foo. UP on east grove strett nigga.

yo moms my niggerchicken burnd.
by LLAMACAWSz July 13, 2008
5 13
A slang term for a Crow.
Austin! Shoot that damn nigger chicken!
by Phantom March 26, 2005
414 169
A term known in the inner cities of America as a seagull. African Americans often attempt to catch Nigger Chickens with a fishing pole while using one or sometimes up to 3 losing scratch off lottery tickets as bait. The shine attracts the bird. An old sport and survival skill dating back to the first arrival of Africans to America, a time when they would use stolen jewlery as bait. In some regions of the United States one may order a Nigger Chicken at a Soul Food resturant.
DaShaun and Ellsworth were hungry so they used their carp fishing poles and caught some Nigger Chickens for lunch.
by insectpinsNR July 25, 2007
89 34