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A book that contains all of the essentials to becoming the perfect nigger. This this is the bible of the african race.
Brandon Howarth asked me if he could by a nigger book off of me so he could become a bigger nigger.
by G-Ramma November 23, 2007
104 67
It is a top secret journal of former slaves kept by the United States goverment securely stored under Lady Liberty's skirt, near her grundle. It's been kept secret since the end of the Civil War in order for the gov't to know who were actual descendants of former slaves, and imported New Negroes when assigning former slaves their promised 40 acres & a mule. Niggas are still waiting for that vote to pass!!
A nigger robs a bank: There would be no need for this to happen if the gov't gave his great-great grand Dad his promised forty acres & a mule......and if that Nigga didn't have a mean crack habit!!
His grand dad's name was in the Niggerbook.
by HohohoCake February 01, 2011
18 17