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The exceptional ability of an African American to perform at a higher level than those of another race and/or ethnicity due to God given talent with lack of them trying.

Typically associated with sports and athletic feats but can be used to in other contexts.
Example 1
Ryan: Damn dude, he totally jumped over that huge guy and dunked on him without even trying!

Mike S: Shows you niggerbility at the highest level.

Ryan: Why did God have to make me a ginger...?

Example 2
Matt: Holy shit, he plowed through the whole D line!

Steve: Look, he's not even out of breath after that 80 yard run.

Mike D: That guy makes it look so easy.

Jake: Chalk it up to niggerbility. They don't stand a chance.

Jody: I've never heard that word before?

Jake: That's because your an idiot.
by HB4444L November 17, 2011