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a transormer that can turn into a carrot and talks in ebonics
niggatron is a decepticon
by patty January 24, 2005
a bionic robotic nigger(black robot) which is programmed to do all the dirty filthy shit like sniffing glue, smoking crack , stealing things like toys and candys.

with additional modifications , they are able to transform into a new specis of mammals known as nigman with features like big ugly lips, small cock, hairy asshole , 3 testicles and toothless
niggatrons selling for 5.99 at walmart and niggermarts exclusively for niggers only!!! hurry while stock last!! fuck niggers
by dave niggapelle July 14, 2006
The African-American version of Megatron. Has the ability to shoot KFC chicken and watermelon segments. No to be confused with the pessimistic transformer, Negatron.
Yo' brah, dey all out of dem KFC.
Brah: "Stop acting like Niggatron".
by Dark Night Enforcer January 28, 2015
Niggatron is the true identity of Santa Clause, he is a black transformer who lays the one and only official christmas pudding each and every year. His motto is "Bros before HO HO HOES"
'Niggatron' just layed the official xmas pudding down in the 3rd floor corridor.
by Fezza WooWoo December 25, 2008
A white person who should be black, who is dumb, studies PR and works in a store on a checkout.
Your dumb as a fucking niggatron!
by McNiggatron December 29, 2009
The politically correct street term for a person of color; does not specify gender.
Yo, that niggatron can dunk better than a fat guy at a donut shop!
by Seanie April 30, 2005
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