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Breasts on an African-American woman. Ofte used as an insult for no apparent reason. Two amazing women made it up in the 1500's in the city of yourmum they were amazing drugdealers there names were Ms.Yelah and Ms.Ahras
"Dont do that you fukin niggatits!!!!"
this is directed to Ynohtna
by Sarhathegreat. April 09, 2008
8 31
word used to break the silence.
ALEX: Nigga tits
TOM: Yeah nigga tits
Alex: so what you wanna do son!
by bj son September 17, 2006
92 37
A nigga with no tits. This word can be used at random. Nigga tit applies to and is appropriate for any situation.
-"Hey NIGGA TIT! Bring me ma cheese! please!?"

Carlos-"Hey man let's get something to eat."
by C Los September 07, 2006
15 47