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Anyone who listens to black metal, death metal; speed metal; thrash metal; or any form of metal for ironic reasons, or because they find it humorous. This termed was coined by the incredibly brilliant Azentrius of the Chicago band Nachtmystium. Its original meaning was presumably directed initially at spectators at a black metal show. Currently, nigel hipsters can be found in most cities that have less developed local metal scenes--generally cities where the hipster, fixter, hipster douche, bourgeois hipster fuck quotient is at a such critical mass that it forces hipsters to frequent bars that traditionally cater to aficionados of genre music. Austin, Tx; Kansas City, Mo; Boston; San Francisco, etc.
"I read recently that The Sword were put together by a record company to cash in on the current "Nigel Hipster"/Southern Lord/Necro clawzzzzzz/tight jeans and cardigans style of metal that's getting mad press/mad props from indie kids/Vice."
by Lostradamus June 17, 2008
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