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A nigbop is someone who is extremely cool. They end notes with things such as "peaceout nigbop." They exclaim "nigbopah!" very often. They refer to themselves as the #1 nigbop. And they tend to dye their hair a lot.
she is the #1 nigbop !@#$%^
by shannon shakedown February 07, 2008
pertaining to such music as nigga jive or rap
"yo jerome!"
"yah nigga?"
"turn that damn nig bop off!"
by Buckyyyyyyyyyy November 28, 2009
HISTORY: I found myself one lovely day writing a note to my dearest friend Kayla. When I went to write the closure, it jumped into my head, "Peace out nigbop".

Nigbop, aka Nigbopah.

Thus meaning a black person, aka "nig".
Then crossing the word "bop", for no reason whatsoever.
Will then equal, "nigbop".
Boy : "Damn, is that my girl?"
Girl : "Hell yeah, Kelsey #1 nigbop, right huuuur."


Person : "Sup nigbop?"
by Kelsey M. Toczek aka #1 nigbop. February 07, 2008
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