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a person who sleeps a majority of the day and asks to bum a cigarette after you just got off work. nig baits are all around and all they do is douche up the energy around you, keep an eye out for the nig bait breed because they are the reason for current financial struggles in the U.S.
Nig bait, Brett Farve, Hippies, dum bitches, the sarah palin family and men who beat off a majority of the day
by Lil Ripp December 30, 2010
An attractive new girl.
Guy #1: Hey you seen the new girl?
Guy #2: Nah, she straight?
Guy #1: She's atleast a 9, niggaz all 'round her
Guy #2: Nigbait?
Guy #1: Indeed
by Kamen BTJ August 22, 2007
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