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What must be said every time the word "Nickleback" is said, or the aforementioned band is about to be brought up in conversation.

This is done to clear the air and acts as a sacrifice to Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Frank Zappa and the other Gods of Rock to stop them laying a curse on mankind, the last time someone failed to do this oh so simple task Justin Beiber was born.
Ignorant Person: Hey have you heard of this great new Canadian band?
Non-Ignorant Person: No..... (please don't be Nickleback, please don't be Nickleback, please don't be Nickleback, please don't be Nickleback) Ignorant Person: They're called Nick-
Non-Ignorant Person: Nickelback Sucks!
Ignorant Person: All I said was Nick-
Non-Ignorant Person: NICKLEBACK SUCKS!!!!
by Edders1 September 14, 2013
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