The traditional 5 dollar bag of weed.
Usually low grade 'mersh'.
Yeilded about 3 to 5 skinny joints.
A good nicklebag was not only decent smoke but would yeild as many as 5 somewhat fat joints or 7 or 8 skinny ones.
"This nicklebag is fucking amazingly fat. I bet we get 6 joints out of this one"
by Jonathon_Holmes July 15, 2005
Top Definition
a $5 sack of weed. enough for one joint.
"got any weed?" "i got a nickle bag and no douchebag you can't have any."
by Johnny Potsmoker March 29, 2003
$5 worth of bud. Should be enough for More like 4 joints, but now-a-days most dealers slang bags that can only roll 2 and possibly a bowl.
*see examples above*
by D-FOES October 28, 2003
A nicklebag is a fucking hoe
That sucks dick, and swallows cum
And cheats on her man, and takes it up the butt
That nicklebag over there looks like she's racked up a few STD's and has a collection of multicolored children.

For more information, the song "Nicklebags" by Young Sicc gives vivid examples of what a Nickebag is.
by Samy Ish June 14, 2007
A girl who i worth less than a small bag full of nickles
bitch you ain't nothing but a nickle bag.
by vincent hurtado April 22, 2004
A fuckin' hoe that sucks dick and swallows cum and cheats on her man and takes it up the butt.
You aint nothin but a nickle bag!
by Mr. Lil' One July 22, 2004
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