Female rapper from Young Money Entertainment, Lil Wayne's label (her mentor). She firstly rose to fame by releasing her mixtapes series throughout 2007 and 2009; then, in 2010, she became one of the most skillful and successful femcees of all-time, when she released 'Pink Friday', which scored her a number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Her fame rises more and more when she was enlisted through long series of collaborations with rappers and singers, and with it she showed her most colorful image on the second record 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' when she incarnated her most famous alter ego, Roman Zolanski, an angrier and dangerous version of her 2009-2010 one, Harajuku Barbie or simply Barbie. In 2013, she had a hiatus in the music industry, when she decided to surprsingly start her own branch of activities: a perfume, own clothing line, a drink, her movie role and her Beats by Dre pink pill endorsing collection. She appeared in at least 20 collaborations, that year, making her the most featured femcee ever (besides Stacey Ray, who before had 18 in 2012): that wasn't when she delivered a more sexy image of herself with more blonde and black wigs than the colorful ones.
nicki minaj
by Stephy92 July 09, 2016
A stupid hoe...just like the song says.
" I get it cracking like a bad back
B-tch talkin' she the queen, when she looking like a lab rat
I'm Angelina, you Jennifer
Come on b-tch, you see where Brad at
Ice my wrist's then I piss on b-tches
You can suck my diznik if you take this jizzes
You don't like them disses, give my ass some kisses
Yeah they know what this is, givin this the business
Cause I pull up and I'm stuntin' but I aint a stuntman
Yes I'm rockin' Jordan but I aint a jumpman
B-tches play the back cause they know I'm the front man
Put me on the dollar cause Im who they trusting
Ayo SB, whats the f-cks good?
We ship platinum, them b-tches are shipping wood
Them nappy headed hoes but my kitchen good
I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish
A b-tch wooooooooooooooooooooooooould...

You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (x3)
You a stupid hoe, (yeah) you a, you a stupid hoe
You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid)
You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid)
You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid)
(stupid, stupid)"

"That's all Nicki Minaj is....a STUPID HOE!!!"
A ghostwritten joke, with disastrous plastic surgery and skin bleaching, who raps about ...well no one seems to know cause it sounds like
she's a dying cat, she always makes songs about her droopy, low pussy lips, which are usually photographed at events below eye level because she refuses to wear underwear to conceal her smelly flesh. She always starts shit with every female rapper who is currently relevant: Iggy Azalea for example. She also has the most delusional stans on earth, who find validation by trying to prove that she is still relevant, but always fail. She has been exposed countless times by her ghost-writer and former lover Safaree Samuels.
Nicki Minaj
is disgusting, safaree need to write that hoe an exorcism.
by BlueEyedDevil666 June 03, 2016
A human being that is always judged the wrong way. This girl may have huge ass and boobs but also a heart , she donates money to charity on a regular basis, loves and encourages her fans to continue school and become the best they can be. She's also an amazing artist who writes her own lyrics and has a flow like no other. Not to mention she's an incredibly attractive and beautiful person inside and out.
Man Nicki Minaj Is beautiful!

Listen to Nicki Minaj man! This chick's got skill!
by UsernameAF June 25, 2015
The person who burns too much money to become a softcore pornstar. Note the term 'softcore'.
Hey, did you see the new nicki minaj song
No, my parents dont let me watch porn
by darude sandstorm May 23, 2015
A practically insane rapper girl whose body is 95% fake.
Boy1: Hey, it's Nicki Minaj's anaconda on the radio that sucks screw dis station
Boy2: Well, she's got pretty good talent I LOVE HER <3333
Boy1: Her raps are trash they are total nonsense.
Boy2: at least she's got a good natural black booty.
Boy1: *facepalm*
by Krautz J. December 18, 2014
The most lyrical underground female artist. She can sing and rap the best lyrics. Some of her songs are sexually explicit like Lollipop Remix, and Freaky Girl Remix with Lil Kim.

Some songs by her
Still I rise
Baddest B****
Slumber Party ft Gucci Mane
(&+} Playtime is Over
Girl 1: Hey did you hear Nicki Minaj's new song Still I rise

Girl 2: Yeah she's dha bomb i heard she's effin Wayne
by Fougal McLoviin March 07, 2009
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