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A gorgeous creation, the youngest in the band the jonas brothers. has two older brothers, Paul Kevin JonasII, and joe jonas. they are 18, and 20. nick is 15, and is a type one diabetic, as of 2005. he has a younger brother. frankie who recently turned 8. NEVER WENT OUT WITH MILEY CYRUS! (if you follow that miley link, don't listen to them calling her a slut, and skank. she really isn't and is never going to be britney spears. i love her, even if she may be a little slutty, but can i ask... when you were fifteen.... were you too? yea thats what i thought. Nick jonas grew up in whycoff new jersey, and was born in dallas to a religious family. he (among his brothers) wear a purity ring, implying that hes gonna stay pure until marriage. (AWWW!!) it says poned on it. it was made in Disney world in 2007. he is also known as nick, and he has a "rap" song called nick j is off the chain.... look it up..:D
katie- did you see the jonas brothers in concert yet?
Me- um yea, but i wasn't look at anybody but Nicholas jerry jonas, and his sexiness. hes so ripped. when he took off his shirt, i melted. o ma gawd! i love him so much. he is a sexy bangin' beast! <3
by jo3bro3lover3 March 01, 2008
extreamly, amazingly hot!! makes u want to rip your clothes off.
The one most fans LOVE, and want to carry his child.
fan 1-" OMj did u hear Nicholas Jerry Jonas wears a Purity ring?"
fan 2-"Yea!! i heard thank god, this way i would know that he will be fresh out of the bag when we get married."
by Yeshey Choden January 28, 2009
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