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Nicemodernism is, at its core, a rejection of the post-modern refusal to take a positive stand. Rather than blithely accept the hipster paradigm that "cool" may be measured only by semantically null snobbery and arcane knowledge, the nicemodernists strive for a self-actualized understanding of what makes them happy. Nicemodernists reject the negativity and self-denying deconstructivism spawned by the pervasive fear of the Cold War era in favor of a delightfully clever Weltanschauung of self-love. Thus, there is no set style of dress or list of bands by which nicemodernists may be identified, but only an attitude of personal responsibility for one's own happiness. In a sense, it may be considered a modern outgrowth of Epicureanism tempered by the pressures of modern urban life.
The preps scorned me for liking to code; the goths rejected me for my freckles; the geeks begrudged me my rock climbing hobby - only the nicemodernists accepted that I could enjoy what I liked, and disregard the rest.
by NCC August 03, 2005
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