A statement given to one dude to the next if his game has earned him a hook-up, phone number, date, or money.

basically speaking: dick game proper
guy: "dude i hooked up with this girl an she gave me some gas money"
friend: "nice dick"

guy: "you know that girl from that last party? i hit it"
friend: "Nice dick
by Max Dickin May 01, 2008
Top Definition
usually reffering to a penis of beautiful stature. This penis drops girls to thier knees in awe and carry's a reputation which is tightly linked to its owner. This penis is usually as smooth as glass and is of perfect circumfrence.
Omg Pat has a nice dick, did you see it or hear about it. If it was an animal it would be a Unicorn.
by sticky bagle January 25, 2007
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