Somebody who bites while sucking ones genetals...
"Katie is such a nibbler"

" Katie nibbled Colins cock to pieces."
by chris February 14, 2005
A term for a kinky person.
Karen was a nibbler.
by Nibbler March 10, 2003
n. to mkae someone feel happy or ful of joy

v. to nibble ones ears in a passionate manner
"that chick did a nibbler on me and I thought i was gonna die it felt soo good"
by _________ June 25, 2004
"He who is a nibbler is a homosapien who enjoys nibbling on caaak"-nelson osorio
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
When a you puts a lippz on some a deeg or something
he a nibbler
by cangh jui November 05, 2003
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