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a less crude way of saying "nipples".
gosh, my NIBBLES hurt.
by elizabeth joanne ruhnke December 13, 2006
In the computer world, a nibble is half of a byte
The right-most nibble of 0xA5 is 5
by Dan Stearns May 12, 2004
To place a small bet on a runner because the price looks too good to be true.
"I tell you what else caught my eye: Luis Garcia is 320/1 with Betfair to be top scorer. Surely worth a nibble, especially after his hat-trick in the qualifier, or is there something I don't know?"
by CougarSW2 August 15, 2006
when someone over uses something they nibble it, they become a nibbler (much like a ferret)
"jason nibbles that skatepark too much, hes a ferret" "stop nibbling your girlfriend and come out riding" "jake nibbles myspace far too much"
by cellardoor4130 May 21, 2005