a substitute for any swear word
oh nibbles my sister has got me a better christmas present than i got her!

oh nibbles that was hot
by ellieshreeves1 December 25, 2010
ok when a chick is giving you head and she bites you penis and you like WTF ARE YOU DOING and you tell everybody at school and they call that chick nibbles for the rest of her life
shannon you bit that guys dick right off sure he gave you a water wiggle but thats no excuse like WTF nibbles chompin of weenies you dick muncher
by rude bwoy April 05, 2006
a less crude way of saying "nipples".
gosh, my NIBBLES hurt.
by elizabeth joanne ruhnke December 13, 2006
To place a small bet on a runner because the price looks too good to be true.
"I tell you what else caught my eye: Luis Garcia is 320/1 with Betfair to be top scorer. Surely worth a nibble, especially after his hat-trick in the qualifier, or is there something I don't know?"
by CougarSW2 August 15, 2006
when someone over uses something they nibble it, they become a nibbler (much like a ferret)
"jason nibbles that skatepark too much, hes a ferret" "stop nibbling your girlfriend and come out riding" "jake nibbles myspace far too much"
by cellardoor4130 May 21, 2005

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