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An awesome video game website that uses the power of sweatpants and beer to defeat video games. Upon kicking the livin' hella out of a game, they post recorded videos (in HD def) of how to accomplish said task of kicking the livin' hella out of a game. Site founders Explicit D Dan and Beer Baron John also produce a alcohol driven podcast called Two Chimps on A Davenport. Most days consist of alcoholic consumption, updating their kickass website, and rolling golden over their newest video game conquests.
Maxx: Hey Matt, I just got flattened by a friggin' Hunter in Halo 3, how did you beat it?

Matt: Oh, I went to nextgenwalkthroughs.com and viewed some of their righteous videos on how to kill it.

Maxx: Sweet, High Five!

Matt: Shwoot!
by mercboymaxx33 February 28, 2010

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