(N.) 1. The first person to disconnect in a chatroulette video conference.

(N.) 2. Someone who frequently "nexts" people in chatroulette.
Guy: So, I actually found a girl on chatroulette last night. We talked for like ten minutes, it was pretty special.

Guy 2: Wow. So which one of you was the nexter?

Guy: She was. I swear, it's like the second I reach for my zipper...


Guy: I was chatrouletting with Dan last night. We didn't really talk to anyone.

Guy 2: Yeah, he's a big nexter. I think it's become a reflex after seeing so much wang.
by Call Me Email March 09, 2010
Top Definition
Cheap Information Technology related temporary labor hired to do simple automated tasks. In effect they are hired just to keep clicking the "next" button when prompted by the computer. They are usually employed to do tasks that doesn't require much thinking. These "nexters" just have to follow a simple script.
1. I hired some nexters to help with the software rollout. 2. I saved a ton of money using nexters to input the data. With the new system, I just had to hire some nexters to finish up.
by William Genao October 13, 2004
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