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newport, rhode island, home of the biggest jerks in the state. full of "wangsters" and other such condescending tools. all though the guys are trash the girls here are the best. newport is only good for a blunt cruise on ocean drive or if you need a lighter you can walk around downtown and ask a random person. atleast some tools are nice. the only way they get bud in newport is through tiverton which is seen as the biggest drugged out place in rhode island, which is the most drugged out place per capita in the USA. This city is also known for all the snobs who visit in the summertime and act like they own the place. the nicest people in the city are bro's who like to smoke visitors up.
Hey are you going to Newport ri tonight?" "Nah bro, there are better people smoke with and better places.
by kingofbrhodeisland April 30, 2011
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