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ghetto town in western ny where all the white people think theyre black. the weather goes from 85 degrees and sunny to -10 and snowing in like 1 hour. no one moves to newfane on purpose. they're either born here, or could no longer afford holy angels. newfane has 7 places to go: coffee emporium, kenyons, petersons, bills diner, the chinese "five minute" place, shurfine, and dollar general.
billy- hey sup nigga?
joey- not much, just hangin with mah homiiezz.
billy- yeah, newfane sucks.
joey- at least its not wilson.
by Mr. Newfane March 20, 2008
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Worst school on planet, football and basketball teams are awful. May bee known as the New Fane Naggers. All schools hate New Fane because school is full of under acheiving students with highest drop out rank in all of western new york ever since the list was made for western New York. School is full of ugly benches aka people. With most girls and guy bein emos, whores, tomboys, or goths. Most underachieving grades ever
New Fane lost to Roy Hart 90-0
by RoyHart Rox May 16, 2011
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