Once a great industrial city, Brick City has experienced a decline ever since the late 60s. It is one of the largest cities in New Jersey and is home to many tourist attractions and business hubs. Recently, entrepreneurs have started investing in downtown Newark in an attempt to bring more tourists in and make it look nice again.
"Newark is turning back into the city it used to be!"

"Yeah right"
by _breakingwaves December 11, 2015
1.) not just a town in New Jersey, we are from New York too!
not a town actually, or a city, a village in the town of Arcadia, but no one in Newark NY knows they live in Arcadia
2.) a place infested with horrible things. barely anything fun to do with friends. full of gangsters, and sluts etc. 6th graders are even skanks.
3.) home of the amazing wreslter who cannot be named, I.R.

4.) stupid enough to be renamed nerk to the residents
1.) "hey did you hear about what happened in newark?" "new jersey" "hell no, new york!"
2.) "hey did you see that skank? i think she was from newark"
3.) "yo that wreslter must have been from newark"
4.) "dude i hate nerk" "newark must suckk yoo"
by CyndiiJayy04 March 07, 2011
A double "jersey sweep". ie: a driver suddenly switches 3 highway traffic lanes in one direction and then does the same in the other direction. A technique often used by fast drivers to get around slower vehicles in the left two lanes.
The car evading the police almost killed us when the driver did a newark in heavy traffic to get around us.
by toast boy May 16, 2011
A small town in central Ohio where white trash, niggers, and polocks are manufactured and used as worthless pieces of shit to further over populate the world. see ''Newark Nigger''
hey man I heard when you move to Newark you get a free tattoo and a pair of sweatpants
by shrrekk bob January 09, 2010
a town in nottinghamshire which is crap tbh. full of chavs and emos with the odd few normal people. with a crap market on saturday and loads of tramps that sit near morrisons. 3/4 of the population are gypsys and like to rule newark like they are the italian mafia :) newark is often confused as full of inbreds, like no obv not, loser its full of gypos!
"there was a fight last weekend in newark!"
so.. whats new?
by brummbled. June 12, 2008
1) Nothing.

2) Filler.

3) A smallish city in northern California that has no personality or identity whatsoever, a city that is so boring that it doesn't even have a reputation for being boring. The name is commonly used as meaningless filler in sentences, to make them longer.
1) His speeches are really a lot of Newark, when you listen to them carefully.

2) Newark I newark think I'll go to the store, get newark a newark lot of celery, newark and hit you with newark it.
by Josiah S. Whalemonger IV June 15, 2008
A town in England and a city in new jersy

it also happens to be an anagram of wanker as pointed out by the comedian Jasper Carrot
"Im from newark"
"hahaha, wanker!"
by MaxZero October 11, 2005
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