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noun. Person who inhabits the New York and sorrounding areas, who has a Puerto Rican ancestry, listen to reggeaton, walk around being "proud" to be Puerto Rican and carry a knife to stab someone, BUT actually have never been to PR, do not speak any spanish and have absolutely no idea what PR is all about.
new yorican: Hey! Check out my Puerto Rico flag CD that I have hanging on the rearview mirror of my Chevy Impala. And the bumper sticker that says "Orgullo de ser de Puerto Rico"
Normal Person: Oh looks so cool (actually thinking, that's so ghetto). What does it mean?
new yorican: Uhm... eh... something about Puerto Rico. Gotta go.

Example 2:
new yorican: Oye! Orgullo Puertorro! Proud to be puerto rican! go puerto rico! fuck everyone else. dale puerto rico! Boricua, Morena, Boricua, Morena!
Normal Person: Sabes ubicar a Puerto Rico en un mapa?
new yorican: What?
Normal Person: Sabes ubicar a Puerto Rico en un mapa?
new yorican: come again?
Normal Person: Si sabes ubicar a Puerto Rico en un mapa, fuckin new yorican?!
new yorican: oh! you are speaking spanish, right?
Normal Person: no, klingon... of course you idiot. I said: Can even find Puerto Rico on a map?
new yorican: Uhm... yeah... you know... it's like south of new york... ehhhh... people like take planes and get there, you know.
Normal Person: Go stab yourself, you ignorant.

by Boricuaso July 16, 2006
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Newyoricans are wannabe Puertoricans. U meet them a lot in the army. Normaly they listen to old school/ outdated puertorican music that their mammas used to play. They tattoo the puertorican flag on their shoulders or chest and swear they've been to P.R. When you ask them what part of P.R. they're originally from they're always from SAN JUAN or BAYAMON! Anyways they also think they're so smooth. They rely to much on the hype that us REAL puertoricans RIGHTFULLY EARNED! They also claim to be catholic but rarely go to church.
While I was in the army I had a Newyorican friend (Freddy) that always swore he was puertorican but spoke gringo spanish. One day we went for lunch on ASH WEDNESDAY. In case you ppl don't know, you're not supposed to eat meat on ash wednesday. (Catholic thing) Anyways I get a slice of pepperoni and he rags on me that I'm not puertorican. My reply to him was SHOULDN'T YOU STOP CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE!?!
I think God will forgive a slice of pepperoni.....
by Hector the coolest dude ever January 08, 2008
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