-An event that results in one government, one religion. The starter of this idea was George Bush Sr, whom was president of the United States from 1989 to 1993. This involves many powerful countries mainly within the United Nations. A popular yet quiet conspiracy act which destroys freedom of civilians such as Liberty and Constitutional Rights for American citizans.
-A design created by Global Elites to control the world through poverty, oppression, military actions towards citizens whom were weakened with law enforcements. Results will vary from country to country depending on its degree in power and leadership. Third World countries have first been affected by these acts from the spreading of fautly vaccinations such as tetanus shots including dangerous female hormones and biological warefare such as the AIDS virus and many others.
-In relgious history, the Bible has a story about the New World Order when the King of Babylon tried creating a one world government. God confused the world and stopped it from being created. Now it is being brought back and people are willing to expose of this quiet and yet dangerous act on the world.
-Ideas of how this will affect on others will be worldwide Communism, Nazism, Marxism, and Capitalism for all to witness in every country. Many whom understood these events in other countries such as the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany will admit that the New World Order is seemed to be far worse than anything imagined.
-Involvements in this event are:
Illuminati (see definition)
(Superior) Roman Catholics
Presidental leaders
Dictator of Countries
Federal Reserve System/Private bankings
Military of all countries from United Nations
Many blamed the Patriot Act I and II, which has the ability to arrest without warrents and survalliance all American citizans, to be only the beginning of the New World Order.
by Stephen Le Mense June 23, 2007
Something that ignorant people continue to deny is happening to the world as to not feel insane and fit in with the rest of society.
The New World Order is real, and it's disguised under Democracy, which is, in-fact, a Totalitarian and corrupted system.
by fr33m1nd September 23, 2010
Something people on the internet love to blab about.
Conspiracy Theorist 1: Did you know that all of Congress wants to move towards a New World Order, and kill 20 million people.
Conspiracy Theorist 2: Wow, I guess we'll have to vote for Ron Paul.

by Alex225 February 03, 2008
The New World Order, also known as the NWO, is a conspiracy theory that states that a small group of elites have an agenda to rule the world through an autonomous one world government. This one world government would lead to the elimination of all sovereign nations and end all wars and conflicts. According to many conspiracy theorists, we are headed in this direction and it is supposedly a bad thing.
Many conspiracy theorists insist that the plan for a New World Order exists, even though there is zero evidence to back up this conspiracy. The only evidence they will give you are articles and YouTube videos made by other conspiracy theorists, like Alex Jones for example.
by Striker122 January 04, 2010
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