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A team in the National Hockey Leauge. Composed of the bitchiest fans in the entire world, the Devils cannot even compete with the New York Rangers anymore. Star players (Martin Brodeur) cheat on their wife, and sell outs are few and far apart. Headed by Larry Robinson, who is openly gay with baseball star David Ortiz of the Boston Red-Sox.
They gave away free tickets and still only 7 people showed up? Who are they, the New Jersey Devils?
by Rob Curcio November 03, 2005
Most boring NHL team, as they play the trap and only score when they can force a mistake by their opponent. Have great goaltending, but are mainly held together by Scott Stevens.
The Devils fell apart in 03-04 after Scott Stevens got hurt, losing the Atlantic Division race to the Philadelphia Flyers and then to them in the first round of the playoffs.
by Dewey July 10, 2004